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A Weathermaker’s Dozen –- Clutch

Apr 22, 2011   //   by Jason McCoy   //   Album Reviews  //  No Comments

If you haven’t heard of Clutch and you enjoy rock, metal, or blues…You have been missing out. Fortunately, Clutch isn’t a band that you missed…after 21 years they’re still going strong and touring regularly. Recently Clutch has released a new promotional album (aka not all new songs) for you to enjoy.

The name “Weathermaker’s Dozen” is no doubt a reference to Clutch’s own label called Weathermaker Music. They have been around since 2008 and only work with Clutch and the Bakerton Group (who has the same members as Clutch). I have a feeling that these songs are being released because the other labels that Clutch has been on (Atlantic, Columbia, DRT, Earache, Eastwest, Inner Journey, Megaforce, and Riverfold) have finally relinquished hold upon the songs.

Let’s get on with the track list