Exposure Therapy Playlist 11-18-14

Exposure Therapy 11-18-14 1. Discharge by Last Exit 2. When I See You Again by Jandek 3. Jihad by Tunnel Canary 4. Shribble by the Shoals and Stepping Stones by Jazzfinger 5. Caecilia by Fennesz 6. Knees Power Mix by Controlled Bleeding 7. Dzięcielina Pałała Na Taśmę Stereo by Eugeniusz Rudnik

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 11-18-14

Exposure Therapy Playlist 11-11-14

Exposure Therapy 11-11-14 1. Listen to the Radio by The Tape-beatles 2. Seky Petii by Gobby 3. The Sacred Erm by People Like Us 4. Graebbinkz by Duo Kanel 5. Phonodrum by Christian Marclay 6. At the Squat Theater, New York City by Bob Ostertag 7. Hommage Au Feutre by Lieutenant Caramel 8. ILa Vie Et La Mort Legendaires Du … Read More

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 11-11-14

November 5th, 2014 (The Bad Joke Episode)

https://soundcloud.com/deliciouswehavefunhere/november-5th-2014-the-bad-jokes-episode Tracklist: Alex G – Serpent is Lord Anthony Green – First Day of Work at the Microscope Store Bjork – Bachelorette The Districts – Call Box Thurston Moore – Detonation Cursive – The Road to Financial Stability Spoon River – In The Parking Lot of the Swamp Museum Daniel Johnston – Honey, I Sure Miss You The Twilight Sad … Read More

CJ BeckerNovember 5th, 2014 (The Bad Joke Episode)

Exposure Therapy Playlist 11-4-14

Exposure Therapy 11-4-14 1. Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds Back by Annie Gosfield 2. The Dance No. 3 by Laraaji 3. Where to Let Our Scars Fall in Love by Akira Rabelais 4. Requiem Aeternam by Michel Chion 5. Dances II by Rashad Becker 6. Rik Part 3 by Eli Keszler 7. Distilled Part Four by Norbert Möslang 8. … Read More

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 11-4-14

Domino Records on We Have Fun Here


CJ BeckerDomino Records on We Have Fun Here

C.J. Becker’s Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2014

  Hello there! My name is C.J. Becker, I host two shows on KSLU-Saint Louis University Radio. On Monday, I host the show ‘We Have Fun Here’ where each week, a different record label is explored and on Wednesday I host ‘DELICIOUS!’ in which I present a wide variety of flavors of music in one hour.  I am also the … Read More

CJ BeckerC.J. Becker’s Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2014

October 29th, 2014 HALLOWEEN SHOW!

https://soundcloud.com/deliciouswehavefunhere/delicious-october-29th-2014-halloween-show Tracklist: My Chemical Romance – Thank You for the Venom Misfits – Bullet Frnkiero and the Cellebration – .joyriding. Darkthrone – Det Svartner Na Every Time I Die – We’rewolf Gwar – Let Us Slay MF DOOM – Cellz Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) (featuring Zack De La Rocha) The Little Big Bangs … Read More

CJ BeckerOctober 29th, 2014 HALLOWEEN SHOW!

Exposure Therapy Playlist 10-14-14

Exposure Therapy 10-14-14 1. Water Music Part II by Tod Dockstader 2. Wounded Cycad Dub by Merzbow 3. Wave Code # E-1 by Takehisa Kosugi 4. Untitled 1 by Pythagoron

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 10-14-14