Exposure Therapy Playlist 11-11-14

Exposure Therapy 11-11-14
1. Listen to the Radio by The Tape-beatles
2. Seky Petii by Gobby
3. The Sacred Erm by People Like Us
4. Graebbinkz by Duo Kanel
5. Phonodrum by Christian Marclay
6. At the Squat Theater, New York City by Bob Ostertag
7. Hommage Au Feutre by Lieutenant Caramel
8. ILa Vie Et La Mort Legendaires Du spermatozolde Humuch Lardy by Gh├ędalia Tazart├Ęs
9. Everlasting Fountain by Inca Ore
10. Osorezan by Geinoh Yamashirogu

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 11-11-14