Exposure Therapy Playlist 9-30-14

Exposure Therapy 9-30-14
1. Lip Rich by Bill Orcutt
2. The Feed-Back by Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
3. Mother-Daughter by Joe Potts
4. Dancing On a Melody by Leroy Jenkins
5. data.reflex by Ryoji Ikeda
6. 中心の決意I by Fushitsusha
7. Sound Bound by Hanatarash
8. Antisolar Point by Spunk
9. Duet with Gino Robair by Brett Larner
10. 1980 A.R. (After Radiation) by Smegma
11. No Birds by Fred Frith

acunniExposure Therapy Playlist 9-30-14