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Pat the Bunny has been a part of my life and the lives of my friends for a long time.  His first band, Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains (JHFT), taught us why the world sucks in a way that only Folk Punk can.  His second band, The Wingnut Dishwashers Union (WDU), taught us what we can do to fix it, which is a trick that Punk as a genre rarely does.  However, WDU does it well.  As you move from JHFT to WDU the musical quality gets better and better and the lyrics are always brilliant and full of radical, anarchist messages.  From the beginning to the present his lyrics are what makes his music stand out and get stuck in your head.

After putting out more than several great albums and many great albumless songs with his first two bands, Pat the Bunny checked himself into rehab for drug abuse.  Many of his songs are about using LSD and heroin.

After a long hiatus from playing shows Pat the Bunny has united with many of his friends to create another band: Ramshackle Glory.  Recently, Ramshackle Glory put out two songs: Epic Song and Vermont.

The first thing I noticed on the LP is that Pat has moved away from his singer and a guitar sound.  The track now has “banjo, accordion, drums, piano, saw, guitar, tambourine, and lots of singing”.  I personally like the new sound.  It’s very upbeat.  The lyrics for Epic Song seem to come from Do You Want To Go To Party Town by WDU.  However, Ramshackle Glory has expanded upon the original almost three minute song to a six and a half minute song.  Vermont takes most of it’s lyrics from MDU’s Compost Yippie Scum.  The themes behind Pat’s music continue along the same path as WDU and is exploring ways to fix the world instead of reasons for telling us why it sucks.

Sometime during this summer Pat is expecting Ramshackle Glory to have a show in St. Louis.

Ramshackle Glory’s Website

- Jason McCoy